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When an addiction is out of control,  it can fill you with feelings of remorse,  guilt, shame, emotional and financial insecurity, a self-induced slow suicide, loss of time, loss of memory due to “blackouts” and “nodding out”. These are a few of the resultant feelings and behaviors , caused by trying to manage an opioid  addiction, alcoholism, prescription drug abuse. The truth is, the addiction is managing you and has you in bondage.

You find yourself scrambling to hide and cover up your addiction by minimizing it’s effect, lying, making excuses for your un-manageability, and attempting to justify unacceptable behavior.  Admit to yourself, “ I am trying to navigate and negotiate an unmanageable addiction in my life?” Where can I get off? Call Hope Happens for Addiction Counseling and Treatment Options.


There are many things worse than dying, but is there any death worse than the progressive, self-induced, slow suicide of the practicing addict/alcoholic? Practice being willing to accept that you cannot stop the addictive behavior ( opiate use & abuse, alcoholism and alcohol abuse, gambling, or any prescription medication abuse/overuse) on your own?

You can choose to end this destructive cycle now, but you need to take that first step. You must ask for help. Getting sober from any addiction requires healing – in body, mind, and spirit – and the healing comes with a price, and the price for that healing and recovery is willingness.  Willingness, not willfulness.

Addictive disorders are treatable disorders. What ever you are struggling with, it may be the time for you to look at the presenting issue, commit to addiction counseling for recovery, study the roots, and discover breakthroughs to new solutions.

Be willing to live and recover? There are solutions. There is healing and recovery. I can help you.

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