Anger Management

  • coupleAnger Is ruining your life

When was the last time you nursed an emotional hangover following an angry outburst?

Anger is normal. Uncontrolled anger is a problem.  There are other choices to “Blowing Up” from the pressure of the feeling of anger.

You can change the bad habits of old and discover new habit responses to avoid the anger trap.  Anger no longer has to dictate your reaction to relationship troubles, financial stress, job dissatisfaction or any of the other pressures associated with everyday life.  No matter how difficult the situation, you do not have to let anger control you.

By replacing  old, familiar (destructive) anger flashes with learned,  assertive, not aggressive, response patterns, you will be taking care of yourself, and  negotiating a problem solving solution.   When to Speak Up and When Not To. (Sedler). .

Retaliation and anger distort your perspective.  Let us work to reduce defensiveness, turn off the “struggle switch” let go of unrealistic expectations, and self-righteous indignation.

Don’t let anger ruin your life.

You can choose how to respond.

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