Crisis and Abuse Counseling

  • Shame is a secret, silent, critical, stalking enemy. The negative narrative is hard to shut off in your mind.
  • PTSD crisis counseling, from the pain of sexual, emotional and physical abuse, may not be enough in these situations. Management alone, without resolving the root problem, only provides temporary relief. You want healing.

Let us break down the presenting “it” backstory together. We  will search, talk, and find light, you can grieve your history of hurting and being hurt. Together, in a safe place, you can walk through the pain, and anger, and mourn the loss of trust, the feelings of betrayal. In a safe place, you can come to terms with the past.  As you enter counseling trust yourself, trust your feelings, trust the process, trust that you will bridge the pain through your intention to heal, to let go, establish a “healed it” and walk in love into your future. Whatever the type, sexual, emotional, physical abuse,  you can respond to change. You can feel the sorrow and regret, anger, fear, grief and self-pity. Resolve to embrace healing from the shame and the emotional and physical  pain of abuse.

Be willing to become willing to decide to release your feelings about them, and the events – to leave the past in the past, and intend and ask for help to live, really live, in the present in loving-kindness for yourself and maybe even forgiving them.

Call me for help and solutions.

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