Marriage/Couples/Family Counseling

  • Restore the passion, love, and respect in your relationship.
  • Intentionally commit  to re-new your emotional connection and love.
  • Your marriage is wounded.
  • You may feel frustrated, angry, bored! There is no longer any emotional connection You feel distressed, disappointed, sad, angry, and are stuck in rigid, negative interaction patterns.

If your marriage and family dynamic feels fractured and unfulfilled,  it is time for help in marriage counseling. Every family system has stress and conflict. How well do you and your  spouse stay close and connect emotionally? Are you stuck in a rigid, negative communication pattern?  Let’s identify the disconnect. 

The Nine Steps of Emotionally-Focused Therapy can heal Your Marriage.

1.   Stop playing the BLAME GAME.

2.   Confess your contribution to the pain in your marriage.

3.   Are you a with-drawer or a pursuer? Do you yell to be heard or walk away to avoid and stone-wall?

4.   Will you both commit to full commitment and healing?

Do you feel, “I long for you to see me, understand me, and respond to me, but my attempts become entangled in a web of hostility and anger. I long for us to be close and to feel safe, but my longing gets lost in the heat of a web of despair.”

Open your hearts to healing your marriage. Remember the ways you’ve hurt others, remember the ways you’ve been hurt. Be willing to feel regret – to feel remorse – and make a commitment to change, to change the behaviors that are corrosive to the fabric of your marriage or relationships.

Grieve the history of hurting and being hurt, feel the truth, mourn the history of fights and losses, and be willing to decide to release your feelings about “them” and these events that are causing anguish and confusion.  Let’s look at the marital/relationship distress through a different lens.  Emotionally connected couples can come together to find solutions to hot topics and issues, be willing to let the past be the past and to live in the present in loving-kindness. No longer allow the “hot topics” that trigger attachment fears to rule and destroy your trust and safety.

Develop the habit of  empathy, reflective listening, and make decisions in the best interest of your marriage/relationship.

Hope focused couples counseling  at Hope Happens can create a new understanding of each other and create a new pattern of accessing your real emotions. Let’s reach your relationship goals together.

The goals:

1. Increase a sense of commitment
2. Correct the “trigger points” that causes  unsettled-ness in each of you.. 
3. Admit and accept the truth you cannot change anyone else.

Your family may not be broken beyond repair. Family counseling can help.

Let’s work together, changing the way you interact, helping you re-connect and enjoy and understand each other. You can experience a new found intimacy in your marriage and family.

Your marriage and your family are worth the loving effort.

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