Pre-Marital Power of Agreement

In the Presence of HopeEnter your marriage prepared!

Statistics show that 50% of all first time marriages end in divorce. You don’t have to be a statistic. Most experts believe the high divorce rate can be attributed to a simple lack of preparation. How thoroughly have you and your partner discussed difficult issues, like finance, children, parenting, and family conflict resolution?

I will guide you as you prepare for marriage; we’ll discuss the power of agreement through the use of patience, tolerance, kindness, and honesty. Integrating Temperament therapy, and testing , and a needs assessment, you can make a plan for a loving,  exciting, and  healthy relationship.

You’ll be more confident about embarking on this lifelong adventure together, once you know each others expectations, understand each others needs,  and have honestly discussed the key issues and solutions for addressing them.

Don’t be a statistic.

Enter your marriage prepared.

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