• You are searching for a sense of love and belonging!
  • You seem to be struggling to find purpose or meaning in your life!
  • Am I good enough? Am I loved?

Self Esteem - Hope Can HappenSelf is a person’s essential being,  nature, or personality that distinguishes them and makes them unique. While many “self” modifiers are positive, there are many unloving and negative “self” modifiers that cause much anxiety, stress,  and pain.

Emotional wounds can chip away at your self-esteem, intimacy in your family, intimacy in your relationships, and intimacy with God. But there is a way to heal those wounds.

Break the paralyzing fear of the  the self-consuming “self.”  Self-satisfaction, self-conceit, self-aggrandizement,  self-justification, and all other things beginning and ending with the negative side of the mighty kingdom of SELF.
Reality can be painful and the speed and confusion and uncertainty in our lives can lead to self-denial and self-deception. Facts become distorted, as we try to cope with the uncertainty.  Let’s investigate the mighty “self” pitfalls:


How honest are you in your appraisal of yourself and with yourself?

Are you honest about your own my behavior?

Do you embellish and “frost the narrative” about yourself?

In relationships, do you say what you think others want to hear?


Are you the victim in self narratives?

Do you live in self-pity  and denial of your own behavior?

When have you justified your own unacceptable actions?

Would you tolerate your behavior from others?

Regardless of who you are, where you’ve been,  or where you are now, there is real hope for renewal  and change and meaning and self-compassion.

If you would like to break rejection,  self-rejection, and self-bitterness in your life, it is time to learn to love yourself, through a process of  honest self-examination.

It is no longer necessary for you to “frost the cake” about who you want others to think you are.  You will discover and learn to love who you are, and that you are.

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