• Boundaries are courageous and self-compassionate.

You can stop spending your time rescuing, enabling, and taking care of people and start practicing self-care and self-compassion.

Do you spend your time helping, advising, and “fixing” people as a means of earning gratitude and praise? Your value is not based on the opinion of others.

Codependency is a learned behavior, usually “caught” from our family of origin. Do you think your dependency traits are healthy for you?

Dependency survival behaviors are unhealthy patterns of attitudes, feelings, and behavior rooted in internalized dysfunctional coping mechanisms. A feeling of abandonment, confusion, and fear could be a root cause. Let us define who you think you are!

Dependent behavior may be “contagious”, it doesn’t have to be chronic. Unlike many other life threatening disorders that have long, arduous recoveries, codependency lends itself to a pretty easy fix.

Here’s how it works: I will help you discover yourself (or recover yourself), establish healthy boundaries, and become interdependent. A capacity for interdependence is one of the characteristics of a well-adjusted person. It is the ability to operate and maintain an identity that is clear and separate from others.

Chronic dependency is a trap that we fashion ourselves, and boundaries are completely confused. I can help you break free of that trap, and set healthy boundaries, set limits, stop blaming others, stop playing the victim, choose your own values, and be honest.

You are worthy of a fresh and new encounter with a re-newed you.

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