Watchful Awareness

Are you living in fear? Fear of not having enough, of being alone, of not getting your way?

You are not the fear that you feel. That in you that is aware of the fear is free of the fear.

Acknowledge your fear, look at it, and let it be. A wise man, Rohr, advises against trying to master fear. You cannot fix the soul.

What you can do, is acknowledge your own rage, and your fear of trusting, and refuse to identify with it.

I no longer choose to receive this fear. Be still before raging thoughts and feelings. It is very liberating to realize that what goes on in your wild chattering mind does not have the final word about who you are. You see that negative narratives, from the mind, mostly have no substance, and you are no longer carried away by them.

You are not your thoughts and feelings.

When you turn your attention from the object or subject of your awareness to the Awareness itself, there is just silent, vast openness…that has never been wounded, never harmed, never angry, never frightened or incomplete.

Come to Watchful Awareness.

The longer you practice watchful awareness, in the center of your being, the more it destroys the radical self-centeredness of your being.

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