Why Hope Matters

In the Presence of Hope

As unpredictable as life can be, one thing is certain – everyone has problems.

Marriage problems, substance abuse disorders,  family issues, anger management, crisis and abuse trauma, career couseling. Life is often carved with beautiful peaks and tremendous lows.

Hope Happens is a faith-based, spiritual counseling service for people from all walks of life and spiritual backgrounds. It’s a place where people can openly and honestly begin a path to self-discovery and renewal.

With so much heartache and brokenness in the world today, it’s sometimes difficult to see the light. Hope Happens offers life-giving exercises,  1) reality testing,  2)  what if….testing?,  3) testing the destructiveness of unreachable expectations of yourself and others,  and 4) problem solving; breaking down big problems into their smaller, manageable parts. These are practical techniques  for everyday living – no problem is too big or too small.
Do you ever feel like you’ll never be happy again?

Hope Happens can show you how you can be set free. Call us today to schedule a session.

Free Yourself with the Truth

Mind, Body, Spirit Renewal

Hope Happens begins the healing process by finding what makes you tick and ultimately why you have a  feeling of unease today. It could be from bitterness and fear and feelings of rejection.

Let us walk up the stairs to the balcony and look into your life. Become aware of your actions and reactions, and label your stumbling blocks of emotional pain. Determine what works in your life and what is no longer useful or necessary?

A solitary self-appraisal may prove insufficient. It is important to receive an honest assessment and feedback from a trusted person.

If you want to change and walk in freedom and compassion and courage, Hope Happens can help you transform your mind and heart to live in wholeness and peace.

You are a blessing and you now have the opportunity and invitation to discover and  know hope. You make the choice. Anger, emotional pain and misery or strength and courage and completion. The amount of work is the same.

Stop the secret, silent, judgmental trap of shame.

Secrets can hold you in bondage to fear. You can work toward transformation. We listen as people talk openly and honestly about what’s troubling them. Hope Happens is a haven where people can release negativity, and heal emotional wounds.

The Power of Words

Words play an important part in our human relationships.

Are you mindful of your words in your everyday speech and interactions with others? This is a vitally important issue as your words  spoken thoughtlessly, spoken defensively or because you feel hurt or rejected can be left unsaid.  Your words can help you, haunt you, bless or hurt others, and honor or diminish you.

Think about what you’re thinking about and saying.

Do you engage in character assassination of others, and justify gossip as “helping?”

Take the time to listen carefully to yourself as you interact with others, think patiently, and then speak calmly.

Keep a close watch on your thoughts and emotions. Whatever they are, the thoughts and feelings that consistently occupy your heart and mind will eventually come right out of your mouth in your words, perhaps ready or not,

But loving words are always welcome; they are words that everyone likes to hear. We are constantly speaking and thinking all kinds of words. Think about what you are thinking about.We understand you

Why not make them powerful, wonderful and transforming words of love and life.

Renew Your Mind

Often, people live their lives by who they think they are and who they want others to think they are. Hope Happens helps you understand who you really are.

Dr. Graves utilizes the APS Temperament Analysis as well as other indicated testing in the intake process.

The APS offers a self-blueprint, an inventory of what, how and why you live your life the way you do. We review together the results of the APS report and uncover how you can be released from your current state of unhappiness, uncertainty or chaos. I will help you discover your temperament needs, revealing how to get your needs met in a healthy manner. Together, we will begin the process of renewing your mind, healing your heart and transforming your life.

With insightful, honest and penetrating questions, we begin the walk to healing. You will put a magnifying glass on the root of bitterness, self-bitterness,  resentments, abandonment, guilt, shame, anger, and rejection. Over time, you will walk and live in freedom.

You will come to live in strength and power and joy.